Hello from all of us at Alaska Citizens Network!

We are a network of real Alaskan's who are working together preparing to survive during uncertain times, sharing knowledge and skills that affect us here in Alaska.

Please note that this website is for real Alaskan's who are verified by other members of the group.

To join our site, you will have to click the Log In link in the top right and create an account. You will then receive a verification email. Please click on the link in the email to verify your account and become a registered user.

After you have created an account, an admin will need to approve your account. Please wait patiently to have your email and account approved and upgraded. You will not be able to post, view the forums or the calendar, or view any wiki pages at this point.

It may take up to three days to have your account approved. If your account has not been approved and it has been over 3 days, please email tikiadmin at tbom.net.

Alaska Citizens Network invites every Alaskan to join our network. We take pride in bringing our community together and building trust relationships f2f (face to face) while preparing for uncertain times. If you don't know any members f2f it is as easy as finding someone near you. Please email us if you need to find f2f opportunities in your area.

Please use your real name for your profile. Using real names makes it much easier to network on likeminded topics in real life as well as the website.
ACN website has taken every reasonable measure to insure the security and privacy of it's members from third parties and others who do not have profiles on the site. Other nicknames and radio handles have their place, but we ask that you please use your real name that you use f2f as your profile name on this site.

Thank you!