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The Ultimate Style Juggling Styx

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Ultimate Style Styx
Ultimate Juggling Styx
Only $25.00

Baton Weight:
7-9 ounces

Baton Length:
24 inches

Fringe Length:
4-6 inches

Baton with Fringe
30-32 inches

Wandz Length:
22 inches

Instructional Videos

Do neat trix with
Casper's Juggling Styx

September playing the Ultimate Style Juggling Styx

We call it the Ultimate style of Juggling Styx because intermediate players as well as beginners prefer this model to any others. Even expert players use these when performing in front of an audience. The fringed ends slow down the baton and resist rolling to allow the player to feel the balance of the baton. Our custom cut rubber fringe will outlast any other material under the worst conditions. The wandz (the handle sticks) are 22 inches long and also reversible allowing awesome control of the baton for all types of tricks. The baton and the wandz are equipped with our double coated rubber tape grip surface which we have developed to give the maximum amount of grip while allowing for a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether this is your first set of styx, or if you are looking for a different style than the ones you already have, the Ultimate Style of Juggling Styx is the one for you!

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We have spent years developing our products to be extremely durable and fun to play.
Please use our Lifetime Guarantee if you ever have any trouble.

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