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Juggling Styx Trix and Tipz

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Juggling Styx Trix and Tipz
Many Trix for Juggling Styx

The Basic Move
The Basic Move is often the start and the end of all your trix. There are two different styles of the basic move, Using two wandz at the same time and only using one at a time. Using two wandz at a time is easier and gives more control, using one wand is more difficult but teaches the player better balance. Most Professional players teach the one wanded method, we prefer to teach the two wanded way.
Two Wanded

This way will give better control over the baton and let you do the spin more easy.

One Wanded

Using one wand at a time is more difficult but will teach better balance and be easier to do most trix.

In either method it is important to catch the baton as it goes back and forth. The longer you can stall the baton from side to side, the easier the trix are. Slower is better.

The Toss
The Toss is an important teacher of baton control and is easy to do. Remember to practice both directions. Try seeing how many spins you can make the baton do and still catch the baton.
How many times can you make it spin in the air? Can you do it the other way?
Starting with both wandz under the baton. Starting from the two wanded basic move.

The Tick-Tock
This is the tick tock. It is the most fundamental Juggling Styx Trix. This trick opens the door for many others including the J-Hook, the "X" Trix and Combinations.

Try practicing on the ground to start and work to the air. Always stall the baton from side to side, very important to feel the ballance of the baton.

One-Handed Magic
One Handed manipulation of the baton is the most hypnotizing to watch and most fun to do. With a little practice you can control the baton entirely without the other wand at all, simply change hands with the wand and continue playing. Also useful if you have broken a wand and only have one to play with.

The Spin Move
The Spin can be done many different ways. This animation shows the right wand over hand spin. There are 3 other basic spins, right under hand and left wand over and under hand. you will have to practice all 4 spins to move on to other trix.

Remember to practice both ways on both wandz.

Remember to always practice the spin on both wandz in both directions. Makes it a lot easier to move into other trix.

Try seeing how many spins you can do and still recover to the basic move.

The Spin Toss
Controling the baton with one wand is the core of all advanced trix. Aim for the side of the center mark that you are spinning and lift the baton as it comes around. Learning this trick on both wandz in both directions will be invaluable for advanced trix.

The Two Wanded Tick Tock
Using two wandz on the baton at the same time gives you a lot of control and makes it easier to learn how to do it with one wand. It is also very important for the "X" Trix and horizontal manipulation.

Easiest if you start with both wandz a little farther apart and catch the baton from side to side.

Vertical Combinations
Vertical Combinations are simply anything you can combine between one wand or two with the vertical moves. Use your imagination, that is what makes them fun.

This animation shows the spin toss stall toss spin. Doing them continuously would be difficult, but being able to cascade the baton between wandz is VERY FUN to do. It's also dazzling to watch!

Vertical Practice

My Favorite Vertical Workout's include 10 count repetitions of all the previous trix, in all directions, and combining them together into moves that can be done in repetition.

This is an example of a combined repetition between the wand spins. Each time the baton comes back to the same hand I count 1. Or in the case of the single wand spin I add a toss to the spin and count one for every throw.

Every trick can be turned into a workout if done right. Concentrate on standing balanced and breathing as you count. Try turning on your favorite music to help you keep the rhythm.

What ever you do in repetition, remember to always practice in both directions and on both hands!

The Horizontal Spin
The Horizontal spin is much like the basic move only making the baton spin like the rotor of a helicopter. When doing Horizontal trix, you are pushing/pulling the baton in addition to the lifting and stalling that you learned above.
It can be done with only 1 wand (The "J" Hook) or with 2 as shown below.
The Horizontal Spin is very useful when doing combinations, because it is easy to get in and out of!

In this animation you can see how the baton is tossed from wand to wand.
The Right wand is catching the baton in a stall (Mini-stall), and while it is slowing down in the stall, the Right wand pulls towards you (like opening a door towards you) Then as the stall speeds back up, the right wand lifts and tosses the baton to the Left wand.
Now, the left wand does the reverse. It catches the baton in a mini-stall, and pushes away from you (Like opening a door away from you)

The Horizontal Toss

The Horizontal Toss is done by starting with the Horizontal Spin, and when a wand should be catching the baton and pushing/pulling (usually hitting the baton in the center of the grip area - between the baton center mark and the ends) instead hit the center of the baton (on the center mark) and lift harder (it will be a bit heavier). When catching the baton just lift hard on the center again and continue, or catch it on the mid grip area with either wand and continue to push/pull as normal.

The J-hook
(Horizontal on one hand)
The J-Hook was named because when you do the J-Hook the tip of your wand makes a motion like the letter J.
Start with the Horizontal Spin, and when you catch the baton in the center of the grip area (with the wand that is about to push), lift harder and carry the wand up and over the baton (tip down) as it travels towards the other wand, but catch it with the same wand and pull on the back side of your wand. As you pull it back, the baton rolls around your wand (and wand tip back up). Then you are back where you started.
Something interesting about the J-Hook is that it only really works 2 directions (unlike previous trix had 4). If you try to do the J-Hook with the wand that is about to pull (i.e. you are doing a clockwise spin and try to start the J-Hook with your Right wand), instead of the smooth J motion, you will have to do a crazy motion with your arm to get over top the wand almost above your head. Guess that's another trick, however it uncomfortable and difficult to do, but you never know, may need it for a trick we havent seen, learned, or invented yet!

The Blank Move
The Blank Move is sought after, Use your imagination!!

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