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Glow in the Dark

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Glow in the Dark
Ultimate Styx

Ultimate Style Styx
Ultimate Glow in the Dark Juggling Styx
Only $30.00

Glow in the Dark
Expert Styx

Expert Style Styx
Expert Glow in the Dark Juggling Styx
Only $35.00

Glow in the Dark
Mini Styx

Mini Styx
Mini Glow in the Dark Juggling Styx
Only $35.00

- The Glow in the Dark Juggling Styx -

Glow in the DARK tape is here! OOOOOHHHHHH! AAAHHHA! That's what you'll hear when playing these bad boys in the dark. Flip on the black light and you will have to see it to believe it. The glowing material is permanently mounted to both ends of the baton and to one end of each wand. The wandz are reversible which allows the glow tip to be shown or hidden for different ways to show off in the dark!

Casper's Glow in the DARK Juggling Styx are made with a special glowing tape and a protective coating that is added to the ends. The glow material can be viewed in complete darkness for hours or for a brilliant performance, use a blacklight which makes them extra bright. You'll be the envy of every juggler with these Glowing Toys!

Glow styx are available in the Ultimate, Expert, or Mini-Styx models.

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We have spent years developing our products to be extremely durable and fun to play.
Please use our Lifetime Guarantee if you ever have any trouble.

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