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Introduction to Our Juggling Styx

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Juggling Styx

Our Juggling Styx are Made in Alaska.

We presently have two models in production, The Ultimate Style Styx and The Expert Style Styx. Each is made from a wood core for durability and safety. We have tested other materials and found wood to give the best play and longer life under most situations. The 5/8"baton is cut to 24 inches long and the 7/16"wandz cut at 22 inches long. The wood is then wrapped in a special tape called Rubber Tape. Rubber Tape only sticks to itself, without adhesives, and provides a superior grip between the wandz and baton. No slip = Better play. We use a cross-hatch double coating of Rubber Tape to increase the grip even more and allow them to withstand some of the toughest playing conditions for years of enjoyment.
All the coloring is done with the help of vinyl electrical tape. This lets us use different colors to match just about any school, team, or organization colors, and make some wild combinations, even Glow in the DARK. All of our sets are hand balanced to perfection for the best play.

- The Ultimate Style Juggling Styx -

Fringed rubber attached to the ends of the baton provide for maximized control. If you are new to Juggling Styx this is the easiest to learn with. If you are intermediate to advanced, these styx will allow you to finally do trix fluently that you had been struggling with on another type of Juggling Styx. The fringe adds control by adding weight at the ends for more leverage at the center of the baton where most tricks are controlled from. Also, since they flop and flare, it stops that annoying roll that can happen that usually causes loss of control.

- The Expert Style Juggling Styx -

The Expert Style Juggling Styx do not have fringed ends that slow down the baton. The ends are extremely tough and are coated with rubber/vinyl. Expert Styx spin and roll much faster than fringed styx which makes them more difficult to play.

There are many "fringe-less" models available on the market. Our design is made to give the player the most control available without fringe. Our double-wrap of rubber tape on all the grip surfaces gives the most grab with minimal sticking and an extremely long lifetime . So long that it comes with our lifetime guarantee.

We manufacture the Expert Style Juggling Styx for several special reasons:

1: Some people learned to play on a set of styx without fringe, and insist upon no fringe (Usually we can convince them to play and feel the benefits of fringe, we used to only sell the Experts Styx until we improved our design with fringed rubber.)

2: Some players who learned how to play with fringe, like trying to do the trix they already know on a set that is really challenging. (Usually our mini-styx model can satisfy this need with much less chance of damage + they are easy to carry)

3: If anybody ever wants to perform with fire-styx, our Expert Styx are good for training. We have never seen a set of fire-styx that had fringed ends (although we did try develop several designs ourselves).Usually fire-styx are expensive and sustain damage easy, so practicing with our styx may also be economical.

- The Glow in the Dark Juggling Styx -

Glow in the DARK tape is here! OOOOOHHHHHH! AAAHHHA! That's what you'll hear when playing these bad boys in the dark. Flip on the black light and you will have to see it to believe it. The glowing material is permanently mounted to both ends of the baton and to one end of each wand. The wandz are reversible which allows the glow tip to be shown or hidden for different ways to show off in the dark!

Casper's Glow in the DARK Juggling Styx are made with a special glowing tape and a protective coating that is added to the ends. The glow material can be viewed in complete darkness for hours or for a brilliant performance, use a blacklight which makes them extra bright. You'll be the envy of every juggler with these Glowing Toys!

Glow styx are available in the Ultimate, Expert, or Mini-Styx models.

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